Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure to register for these networking opportunities!

  1. Mentorship Breakfast: trainees have breakfast with senior scientists in ASCI and AAP
  2. Medical Specialty Interest Breakfast: trainees have breakfast with senior scientists based on medical specialty and research interests
  3. Residency Luncheon: trainees can meet with residency directors from around the country to discuss opportunities

Networking opportunities are provided through some structured events, but are not limited to those! These include:

  • Friday Night Welcome Reception: This is specifically for APSA members and is a great place to connect with peers. Join us for drinks at the Mid America Club and enjoy the panoramic view of Chicago!
  • Saturday Night Dessert Reception: Following the AAP dinner, this event is attended by both senior physician-scientists and APSA members
  • Mentorship Breakfast: See first question
  • Medical Specialty Interest Breakfast: See first question
  • Residency Luncheon: See first question
  • Poster Session: Share your research with senior scientists and other trainees!
  • Coffee Breaks: Take the time to introduce yourself to senior scientists and trainees over coffee, water, tea, or cookies
Yes you can attend! The business meeting is open to APSA members and is a session during which members of the Executive Council present updates on the progress of the national organization. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the state of the organization and allow for feedback on APSA initiatives for all members. Come have your voice heard!
Anytime! We have facilitated mentorship time at the mentorship breakfast, medical specialty interest breakfast, and residency luncheon (see descriptions of these events above). However, there are opportunities that are not facilitated and will require initiative on your part as well. The coffee breaks are a great time to introduce yourself to a senior scientist!
Check out the American Physician Scientists Association group on Medstro for the opportunity to connect with other APSA members and find a roommate for the annual meeting. We currently have an active discussion for finding roommates on medstro.
There will be coffee, tea, and water will be available between most talks, and cookies will be available between designated intermissions as well.  Formal meals available to APSA attendees include the Mentorship Breakfast on Saturday morning, the Saturday APSA dinner as well as the Medical Specialty Interest Breakfast and Residency Luncheon on Sunday (Note: you must register for these events). Please note that lunch and dinner are not provided on Friday. However, there are many restaurants nearby.

The general dress code for the meeting is business casual. Although you might be able to get away with less, keep in mind that many important people will be walking around, so dress to impress! The only exception to this is the APSA Saturday night dinner, which is business attire (black tie optional). Also note that the hotel is generally on the colder side, so remember to bring layers.


There are a few events that are specific for each organization. While APSA has its Friday Welcome Reception and Saturday night dinner, ASCI and AAP also have their own events. ASCI has their dinner on Friday evening, which is only for its members but which APSA members can buy tickets for (although tickets sell out every year). AAP has its dinner on Saturday. The dinner itself is only for AAP members; however, the talk immediately following their dinner is open to all attendees as is the following dessert reception.

APSA is dedicated to hosting an Annual Meeting that is safe and positive for all. No behavior which contributes to an unsafe or unwelcoming environment for anyone will be tolerated. All participants in the Annual Meeting, including venue staff and guests, are expected to help ensure that the Annual Meeting is a welcoming environment for all.

We expect all participants to refrain from unacceptable behavior, which includes but is not limited to harassment, discrimination, intimidation (including threat of harm, physical or otherwise), inappropriate behavior, and physical assault (including unwelcome touching of any nature). Treat your fellow participants at the Annual Meeting with respect and dignity.

Should you witness unacceptable behavior, please notify meeting staff at the Registration Desk outside of the International Ballroom or contact APSA headquarters ([email protected]). Conference staff will be glad to help anyone contact venue security or local law enforcement and otherwise assist those who have witnessed or were the target of unacceptable behavior.

Anyone found to be engaging in unacceptable behavior is expected to immediately comply when told to cease. Additionally, anyone who engages in unacceptable behavior may be subject to immediate action by meeting leadership, including but not limited to immediate removal from the Annual Meeting, without refund; barring from future Annual Meetings; and/or referral to local law enforcement.